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Box Signs

What are box signs?

 Channel Letter signs are extruded three-dimensional signs (3D). Channel Letters faces are made from translucent colored Acrylic Material or Translucent Vinyl over Acrylic and Channel Letters body is made of aluminum. LED lights have replaced neon tubes because they are more energy-efficient. LED Lights are fixed in an aluminum frame which is totally serviceable. Channel Letter signs really stand out from the rest. The lit-up signs grab attention.

Vinyl Sign
Vinyl Sign

light box signs

Channel Letter signs are three-dimensional. Channel Letters are made from acrylic. SignGuruUSA  uses colored vinyl to tint them.

LED lights have replaced neon tubes because they are more energy-efficient.

Channel Letter signs really stand out from the rest. The illuminated signs grab people’s attention.

So, hurry up and Request a Quote to grab customer’s attention

custom light box signs across uSA & canada

Illuminated channel letters are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and have vinyl facing so light permeates their surface and projects the colour of their facing. Illuminated letters can be used to complement other types of outdoor business signs, like a company logo, or stand alone as a storefront’s primary signage. They can also be used inside, though they are more commonly used on the exterior of buildings to attract customers.

Vinyl sign
Vinyl Sign

light box signs outdoor

Illuminated channel letters are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and have vinyl facing so light permeates their surface and projects the colour of their facing. Illuminated letters can be used to complement other types of outdoor business signs, like a company logo, or stand alone as a storefront’s primary signage. They can also be used inside, though they are more commonly used on the exterior of buildings to attract customers.

led light box sign

Illuminated channel letters are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and have vinyl facing so light permeates their surface and projects the colour of their facing. Illuminated letters can be used to complement other types of outdoor business signs, like a company logo, or stand alone as a storefront’s primary signage. They can also be used inside, though they are more commonly used on the exterior of buildings to attract customers.

Vinyl Sign

Welcome to signguru

signguru Ltd is a new consultancy and trade only signage supplier to the Us market.

With over 15 years trade experience we have the ability to assist you with any and all signage projects from simple door plaques through to fully digital bespoke solutions. send us your project briefs and we will help you find the correct solutions at the best price and quality available

signguru Ltd is currently developing Sign Portal with a launch date of April 2021. Looking to expand on the consultation service we offer Sign Portal will become the first us trade only market place,  one place where you will be able to view all industry leading specialists giving you the solutions to every signage project. The interactive portal will then allow you to build projects and return estimates in an instant through an bespoke ecommerce solution.

Sign Portal looks to be the future in Sign trade procurement

Letters and Logos

Flat cut, built up, non illuminated or illuminated letters a partnership with Signfab UK Ltd to compliment our own manufacture ability has ensured we can offer a full range of products in a variety of materials .

Coming soon to Sign Portal is an ecommerce solution which will help you build your requirements in a variety of materials such as acrylics, metals, Corian and many more returning prices in an instant.

Sign Blanks

Flat cut or fabricated sign panels in all shapes, sizes and materials are available. All industry known materials such as acrylics, standard and speciality metals, foamex, corian, aluminium composite panel (ACM) and many more are available in a variety of material thicknesses.

we also offer many extruded aluminium frames solutions to compliment the traditional methods. why not send us your project details and we can assist you with getting the right specification to suite your requirements and budget.

Coming soon to Sign Portal is an ecommerce solution which will help you build your requirements returning prices in an instant

Fascia Signs

To complement the range of sign blanks we can offer, we also have full fabrication facilities for bespoke fascia works. All types of backed up, flush finish, or push through text is available, and we can also offer a final assembly service for mounting of individual letters to sign blanks making signs ready for installation. Why not send us your graphics and we will apply them to the finished product.

A partnership with Lumaire ensures we are bring the most cutting edge solutions in LED illumination as we are now able to illuminate from a sign depth of just 30mm opening up the possibilities for illumination in places not previously possible.

Coming soon to Sign Portal is an ecommerce solution which will help you build up your fascia requirements using a variety of material and illumination options returning prices in an instant

Large format

To be able to offer the complete service Outside The Box Signs have established partnerships with Signfab UK Ltd, and Spirit Displays ltd to be able to offer a full range of of both internal and external solutions for large format display solutions.

Coming soon to Sign Portal is an ecommerce solution which will help you build you requirements in a variety for solutions from SignComp flex boxes through to Spirit-tex wall coverings and many more all returning prices in an instant


Outside The Box Signs Ltd has partnered with Spandex to compliment our own standard post and panel systems to ensure you have a variety of both internal and external solutions available to match all project requirements and budgets. As a consultancy let us help you source the correct solutions

We also offer a range of DDA solutions for government and Public sector buildings

Coming soon to Sign Portal is an ecomerce solution which will help you build your way-finding requirements. using industry leading solutions such as info-panel or slim slatz right through to your conventional post and panel. The sign portal system will let you build and return prices in an instant

Fixings & Display Solutions

Outside The Box Signs Ltd have formed partnerships with Albion Displays Ltd, Spandex and Synergy Display to bring to you a full range of solutions, from panel supports and cable kits, through to A-Boards and Snap frames we have everything covered.

The Sign Portal service when launched will let you navigate and compare products from the leading UK manufacturers in one place with a modern ecommerce solution

External Lighting Solutions

For all your down light and trough light solutions whether its traditional Fluorescent Tube or the latest LED technology we will be able to advise on a range of solutions and products. An exciting new partnership with Lumaire promises to bring the most cutting edge solution to the market in the near future

Traffic Signs

Outside The Box Signs Ltd can offer a full range of CE approved UK Class 1 (RA1) and Class 2 (RA2) traffic signs. we can also offer a full range of fixing methods and post options so you can complete all installations

Coming to Sign Portal is an traffic sign ecommerce solution like no other. Search by description or department for transport codes you ll find the service easy to navigate. once in the selection you can switch seamlessly between specification variations and additional fixing requirements. As always you will be returned with an instant price

Traditional Signage

Not forgetting the old ways Outside The Box Signs Ltd have extended the product range to include working with materials such as Timber, Welsh Stone, Corian and High Density Urethane (HDU). we also have a range of display solutions to complement this range such as timber A-boards and iron bracket works.

Coming soon to Sign Portal is an ecommerce solution which will help you build your requirements in a variety of traditional solutions returning prices in an instant.


Consultation Services & Project Management

At  Signguru the Core product is service. We are looking for you to approach us with your projects and using our experience and Sign Port Marketplace help you come up with the correct solution every time. We can also assist with the management of you projects outside the manufacture with full project management with set KPI’s


Full Digital Survey Services

At signguru we can assist with your survey needs. We provide a tailored quotation based on your requirements and then come back to you with a full digitally drawn manufacture survey complete with full digital photography. This can be supplied in various file formats to suite your needs.


Corporate Identity Implementation

At signguru we can assist you with creating a corporate signage identity guideline, which will help safeguard your image for years to come. We can help you by selecting materials systems which will be sustainable for growth and maintenance. We can assist in creating manufacture guidelines to all types of project sizes and budgets.


Audit Services

For national projects we can offer an audit service tailored to suite the project brief. Less detailed than a manufacturing survey but vital in capturing the basic current state of your clients property portfolio. These services are also perfect for when you only need a small amount of detail (window dimensions, illumination status etc.)


Design and Specification

At signguru we can assist you with taking your concept visuals and turn them into full detailed manufacture drawings. We are able to take advantage of the Sign Portal Marketplace and supply you with drawings which are trade approved.

Interior Signs

We create everything from Wall Murals and Lobby and Logo Signs to Wall Graphics.

Lobby and Logo Signs

Lobby Logo Signs

For retail stores and business offices alike, first impressions matter. Having a professionally created Lobby Logo Sign can make a great first impression on a new customer and leave them with a strong image of your brand. Our Graphic Design team can work with you to create an innovative design to fit your branding needs.
Our custom designs will set any business apart while working seamlessly into the current aesthetic of the space. Our 3D lobby signs are a popular option to fit logos or company names attractively and without taking away from the look of a lobby, reception area, or retail area.
We offer many different options in 3D lettering to best serve any budget.

Metal Laminate Signs

Metal signage used to be a very costly option for businesses. However, our products have the same look and feel as the more expensive metal signs without the cost and weight. By utilizing a thin piece of metal laminate, our signs take the timeless look of a metal sign and put them in an easier-to-obtain budget.
Most commonly, aluminum is used to plate the signs. Satin and polished metal laminate strips can also be used to create the 3D effect for the signs. The thickness of the material under the metal is used to determine the 3D effect, which saves a lot of money for our customers without sacrificing looks.
This type of Lobby Sign is most often used in law offices, medical offices, IT companies, and sports organization. However, our Graphic Design team can help any type of business create a solution to work for their space.

Foam Lettering

For a low budget with a big vision, our foam letters can create the signage solution you need. These signs are perfect for a project on a huge space and create more dramatic 3D effects without a financial drain on a project. Foam letters also give customers more options when it comes to colors and designs, as foam is cheaper and easier to work with.
Foam letters are a perfect idea for more creative or artistic offices looking to express their individuality, as the color options and combinations are virtually limitless. The letters also come with the option of an acrylic laminate for a more professional look, or they can be left as foam for a more whimsical and artistic feel.
Many companies choose foam letters for smaller conference areas to match the larger, more expensive signs in their lobby areas. This creates a cohesive feel while keeping costs low.

Acrylic Lettering

For a crisper, cleaner feel, Acrylic Lettering provides smoother lines and symbols that stand out on a wall. The materials make it easier to get every edge straight and every curve smooth. This is one of the best products for companies that have more intricately designed logos, or have a more professional design in their branding.
For those that are more detail-oriented, acrylic lettering gives a flawless look, free of imbalances and small imperfections. This is helpful for brands that pride themselves in being more modern and contemporary in their designs. Acrylic lettering typically comes in less color options than foam lettering, but it is possible to custom create hues to better match a company’s logo needs.
Due to the light weight of the lettering, they are most often installed directly to the wall using silicone or back mounts, making them one of the easiest to install in any space.

Safety and ADA Signs

Safety and ADA Compliant Signs

Staying compliant with the regulations that are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be tricky. It is easy to create a sign that does not quite match the rules of the ADA when it is your first time. Our team is well-versed in which materials work best for each product and how to stay compliant with the right design, installation options, and manufacturing techniques.

The ADA requires proper Safety and ADA signage under federal and local governing bodies. Choosing the wrong signs for your business can mean being out of compliance with the law, all while trying to adhere to the rules.

Talk to us today about how we can keep your patrons safe while maintaining your company’s aesthetic standards.

  • Safety Signs

Safety signs are necessary when a hazard or potential danger can be easily avoided by using a sign. This varies from business to business. An employer must examine whether a hazard can be avoided or reduced in the workplace by using precautions, or if there is a safer way to do the work. An example includes a prohibition sign, such as do not smoke in a gas station.

The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Regulations also apply to safety signs. Under these regulations, safety signboards do not contain text. Instead, clear symbols are used and are explained either in an employee handbook or verbally to employees. If a company would prefer some text to explain the symbol, a supplemental sign may be used. Our team has years of experience working with companies on both signboards and supplementary sign boards that are clear and concise while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

  • Colors and Shapes on Safety Signboards

To create concise safety signboards, there are certain colors and shapes that should be used. Red should only be used when prohibiting something, such as no food or do not run. Yellow, however, is used for caution. This includes warnings about potentially hazardous materials or in construction sites where materials are less secure and are prone to fall.

Green signals a positive action, which typically lets passersby know where they are permitted as opposed to where they are not allowed. Blue is used for mandatory actions, such as needing safety goggles or a hardhat. Symbols also help to make signage easier to understand.

A disc shaped sign is used for both prohibitions and instructions. This typically includes both red and blue signage. Triangles are utilized for warnings and are typically yellow signs. Squares and rectangles are used in emergency situations and for information signs, such as supplementary signboards.

  • ADA Signs

ADA signage is meant to help make buildings accessible to people with visual disabilities. This means adding proper signage to help those who cannot see properly navigate your facilities without putting them in harm’s way. The most common misconception is that these regulations only apply to those who are completely blind when they also apply to those who are legally blind but do still have some vision.

This means signs also must have high contrast with bold lettering in addition to braille and tactile lettering at the bottom. The regulations are in place to help provide optimal readability for all patrons.

Not all signage needs to be ADA compliant and have Braille and tactile lettering. Building addresses, parking signs, directories, and temporary signs do not fall under these regulations. Our team has years of experience adhering to these laws. If you have a project and are not sure if your signs fall under the regulations, we can provide design support and information on how to keep your business ADA compliant.

Wall Graphics

Unlike other signs, wall graphics allow to create more of an ambience and create larger scale branding in office space, retail spaces, and office buildings

Our long list of fonts, colors, and additional small designs can clearly communicate your message while staying attractive and cohesive with your branding.


What are Wall Graphics made of and how are they made?

Wall Graphics are made from vinyl that is very thin and flexible. On the back, which is applied to the wall, there is a special adhesive specifically engineered to adhere to walls and other smooth surfaces.

The graphics are created by using a vinyl plotter or cutter. These machines cut into a sheet of colored vinyl in order in the design or logo being used. This is done by using a swivel knife, which moves back and forth to cut in the correct pattern. The knife knows where to cut by following plotted lines that are translated by the machine, similar to how an inkjet printer is told by the computer where to place color on a page when printing.

After the machine has created the graphic by cutting the vinyl, the transfer tape is added to the back of the design.

What surfaces can Wall Graphics be applied to?

Wall Graphics can be applied to many surfaces. The surface must be clean, smooth, and weather-resistant. For the best results, it is advised the surface is cleaned ahead of time and checked it is free of dust, grease, and other contaminates.

Can I wash Wall Graphics after they have been applies?

Yes! To best clean the Wall Graphics, it is recommended that a soft cloth or damp sponge be used with cool water. Cleaners may weaken the adhesive material

Window Privacy Film

Businesses can maintain an open office feel to encourage teamwork and creativity while giving employees privacy for their important information.

Etched and frosted windows can take an office from feeling like a fishbowl and turn the design into a more futuristic look, all while keeping the office space open and airy. Window Privacy Film is simple to apply and can be used on glass surfaces already in your office.

Fabric Prints

The waiting area is often a patron’s first impression of a business they are visiting. A simple solution to give first time or even long standing customers a great impression of the company is to provide an interesting yet relaxing area when they need to wait. A Fabric Print can provide a calming yet professional area that will leave a positive impression. Fabric Prints can also include art for the walls on materials such as canvas or fabric. Our Graphic Design team can help choose art that works well together to create a space for patrons while they wait, or to give an office space an extra pop for employees to enjoy. Banners and flags can also add a subtle flair to an office space while also providing a medium to display logos and other branding without becoming overwhelming.

Simple Fabric Print Ideas .


A simple flag outside the building or greeting patrons in the lobby is a great branding opportunity for companies. Not only will a flag attractively flutter when the wind blows, it is a small way to present a logo or initials of a company to better stick in patrons’ minds without overemphasizing your branding. Our banners can be used to splash color in a lobby or temporarily for special events. If you are holding a special event in your building, our banners can provide space to showcase a company motto or provide information about your event. Wall Prints. Our Wall Prints provide durable artwork to add a more aesthetic feel to offices. They can be used to advertise new products or an innovative way to welcome patrons to your business. Our team has experience helping businesses navigate which art pieces will work best for their space.

Mounted Prints

Our Graphic Design team can help with any project from start to finish. Our professionals can resize art to fit various spaces and even change the shape of the mounting surface to give a customized look, making every presentation into unique art.

Beyond the office, our Mounted Prints have many applications. Customers have made their wedding photographs into piece of artwork for their home, or have turned their children’s work into gallery pieces for the kitchen. The multitude of applications is part of what makes our Mounted Prints a popular choice for clients of all types.

Best Uses for Mounted Prints

Our Mounted Prints can turn anyone’s logo into a piece for your lobby, or even convey a motto or message in your brand. With our in-house Graphic Design team, we can help you turn your brand into a work of art.
Whether you are a professional photographer or have a ton of photographs from a special event, having your photograph turned into a mounted print can create a unique and beautiful presentation for any project.
Special Occasions. After a huge event, it can be difficult to figure out how to best display the photographs. Our team can help anyone turn their timeless memories into a great display. We help our customers choose which photographs will work best and offer innovative solutions to make each project unique.


Exterior Signs

Exterior building signs don’t have to be complicated. These come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes, and at Knox Box Signs and Graphics, we can help you figure out what kind would be best for you. Here are the exterior signage types we offer:

Cabinet Signs:

These can be designed to be illuminated or unlit, depending on your business needs. Cabinet signs are generally sturdy and long-lasting. They resist water and insect damage, mainly due to their aluminum frame.
Channel Letters: Like cabinet signs, these come in an illuminated version and an unlit version, designed to suit you. They are usually displayed on an exterior wall, and have an aluminum frame with an acrylic body. We recommend designing your channel letters with your brand’s color scheme for best results.
Real Estate and Post and Panel Signs: If you are a realtor, you probably already know about all the wonderful things these signs can do for you. They do an excellent job of enticing potential buyers to come and check out the property you’re selling.
Monument and Architectural Signs: These signs advertise in a grand and imposing way. They are usually made of stone or brick, but recently, exterior-rated foam has become an attractive and less expensive option.
Window Graphics: What’s a fantastic way to advertise a hot deal or special offer? Why, with these handy vinyl temporary signs, of course! Window graphics are easy to apply and remove, which makes them an appealing choice for many retail businesses.
LED Readerboard Signs: LED signs are a modern-looking signage idea that work hard to advertise special menu items or different events. If you want to get back to basics, you can even use these signs to merely show whether your shop is open or not.
Street and Yard Signs: If you’re a politician, you’re already aware of how these signs can help you. But they can be used for more than just campaigns. Advertise yard sales or upcoming local events with yard signs.

No matter what kind of exterior sign you need, Knox Box Sign and Graphics can help you with it.

Channel Letter Signs

Most consumers don’t know what a Channel Letter sign is, yet they seem them every day. More commonly known as neon signs, Channel Letter Signs offer an equal alternate to Cabinet Signs by turning company names into lighted signs for the front of the building. These signs are most often used for retail storefronts, prominently displayed above entrance ways.

These three-dimensional signs can be seen from a long distance, maximizing the impact of a store’s signage. Our team works with customers to enhance branding by selecting the right fonts and colors for any job. Additionally, we offer different lighting styles to fit the needs of every client.

We create our custom-made signs by using metal or plastic letters that are internally illuminated to grab the attention of passersby, both on foot and driving past. We make installation easy by sending an installer to mount the letters directly to the building, or by using the raceway mount when access to the back of the wall is not possible.

Styles of Channel Letters

Standard Channel Letter.

As the name might suggest, this is the most common style in channel letters.

Open Face Channel Letter.

In an open face channel letter, the front of each letter has an open look while typically having a clear plastic front to protect the neon. We add a reflective color to the interior of the letter to enhance its look.

Reverse Channel Letter.

This type of letter is also known as a back lit letter for good reason. The letter is manufactured to have the illumination come from behind it, which adds more light to the mount of the product. These letters have a cleaner and often more striking appearance.

Black/White Channel Letter.

One of the benefits of these letters is having a different color from day into night. When the neon is off during the day, the letters will be black. When turned on at night, they light up white. This creates a great contrast for every time of the day.


Real Estate and Post and Panel Signs

Real estate and post and panel signs help you out with the hard work of selling a property. These handy exterior signs are a must-have for any realtor. They help you go the extra mile in getting a house, condo or apartment sold. And don’t worry, these signs aren’t just for properties that are already built. You can advertise construction of a new housing development with real estate signs, too.

Here are a few different styles of real estate and post and panel signs:
Inverted “L” Beam with Panel:

This is the classic post and panel sign. It is made of a post that looks like an upside-down “L” with a panel attached to it via hooks. The panel advertises a new property or one that’s been previously owned and is being sold. It contains information on the realtor, like how to contact them.

Construction Site Signage:

This is an excellent way to show potential buyers what you’re building. You can use an architect’s sketch of the future property to showcase the various amenities and dimensions of the houses. Use treated wood to keep the sign weather-resistant, and you’ll be set.

Single-Sided Signs:

These signs are a fantastic idea for those properties that are smaller in size, like an apartment or condominium. If you’re selling an individual one of these types of properties, we recommend single-sided signs. They will contain all the information your visitors will need to know in a compact space.

Double-Sided Signs:

This version of the post and panel sign is much more common, but it still works very well when it comes to attracting buyers. Just because it’s the standard real estate sign doesn’t mean that it won’t work for your specific property. These are great because they have information on both sides of the panel, making them ideal signs for busy city or suburban streets. People walking by will stop to look at the sign, making them more likely to stop in for an open house.

signguru will gladly help you design your perfect real estate and post and panel signs. Contact us today to get started.

Window Graphics

Installation of the graphics is easy. Our technicians will visit your location to install your display, and give options in colorful displays that are on either clear or white vinyl to best suit your needs.

Why Choose Window Graphics?

Whether you are having a sale or are promoting new products, Window Graphics are a simple and affordable signage solution.

Our quick and simple installation makes it easy to promote new products as you aim to market them.

Easier and cleaner than paint. Many storefronts decide to hire an artist to paint their windows for upcoming events.

The quick and easy breakdown will also save your windows from staining and streaks.


Street and Yard

Street and Yard signs are most often associated with elections, but their uses extend far beyond the month of November. These signs are versatile, durable, and effective in keeping a brand fresh in the mind of a community. Considering many people don’t know who is running for office until they see the signs in the community, it is easy to imagine the impact it can have for businesses of many kinds.

One of the best parts of Street and Yard signs is how customizable they are. Different colors, fonts, and even shapes or sizes can be used to make the best, most impactful branding in plain view for the community. Even better, these signs are among the cheapest option for marketing efforts and are quick and easy to assemble. Since the signs are so sturdy, they can be placed virtually anywhere.

These signs make it easy to reach a large audience on a budget, reaching potentially more customers than a billboard at a fraction of the cost.

Tips for Street and Yard Signs

Single sided design. There are few, if any, ways to prominently display both sides of a yard sign, so it is important to keep all design elements on one side. A common mistake is to put contact information on the back of the sign where the audience can’t see it.
Bold colors. Having vibrant colors will immediately grab the attention of passersby and create more opportunity for a sales lead.
Keep it simple. Make it easy for the audience to understand what you are offering and how to get in touch, along with the name of the company. The less they need to work for the information, the more likely they are to follow up.
One or two colors. While vibrant colors catch the eye, too many colors create too much competition and overwhelm the casual onlooker.
Specific message. Stick to one promotion or product rather than trying to put everything your company offers on the sign. Use a message that will pique interest and show what you offer, such as a current promotion for an oil change at an auto shop.


Turn your company vehicles into moving advertisements with our Vehicle Graphics and Wraps solutions. These graphics help reach thousands of possible customers while stuck in traffic, and continue bringing awareness to your brand while the vehicle is parked. For those looking to make a bigger impression, we have full Vehicle Wraps with eye-catching designs. For a subtle look, our team can create Decals and Vinyl Lettering to reach a broader audience while staying on budget.

Vehicle Wraps

Every commute can double as an advertising opportunity with our Vehicle Wrap solutions. Whether you want to full standout or make a small yet effective impact, we have full and partial Vehicle Wrap options to fit your needs. With our options to outfit a full fleet of vehicles in a cohesive fashion, or only have one vehicle used for deliveries, we can find the solution to work best for you.

Our in-house Graphic Design team understands what it takes to make each unique job reach its full potential. We can work in your contact information and list your services, or keep it simple using brand-specific graphics.

Even if you aren’t a business owner, Vehicle Wraps can help with your automobile aesthetic needs. Rather than paying for a brand-new paint job, we offer full wraps in colors of your choosing that are engineered to simulate a paint job without the huge price tag.

Full Vehicle Wraps. A Full Vehicle Wrap gives full creative control over the look of any vehicle. Our graphic team will help create a visually appealing look that is sure to grab the attention of everyone you drive past. This option also gives a larger template to prominently display important information.
Partial Vehicle Wraps. Working on a budget? Our team can help lower the costs and still create unique, eye-catching design work that will give great exposure to your brand. We offer quarter, half, and three-quarter wraps to provide the most options to fit any budget or style vision.


Decals and Vinyl Lettering

The added convenience of decals is having a smaller logo or lettering to advertise regular on your everyday vehicle rather than dedicating a vehicle to business-only use. This is helpful for those with a business on the side or a smaller business that is just starting out. We provide customer service and installation services for all our customers, even the small jobs.

Benefits of Decals and Vinyl Lettering

This opens your audience up to those without a TV or internet connection, and is more effective than direct mail.

Retractable Banners

Getting ready for a trade show can be a stressful time, even for the most seasoned sales professional. Having the most information and branding your display in a way that is both informative and keeps to the standards of your branding consistent can be daunting. Add in the high competition for attention and choosing the right displays can seem like the last priority on your list.

Let our in-house Graphic Design team take some of the burden off your shoulders. Our team has the experience and knowledge when it comes to Retractable Banners to help create an attractive display for any business. We engineer our banners for quick and easy set up, and are just as easy to take down and transport between locations. Our goal is to provide the eye-catching design and durable materials needed for a tradeshow in the most convenient and easy package possible.

Tips for Retractable Banners

Make a statement. Large banners with basic bold lettering with limited colors can only go so far. Creating a more bold and artistic design will get more attention. For customers who are wary about going big and bold, we have an in-house Graphic Design team to help balance your design while making a huge statement.
Trust a designer. Whether you have a designer on staff or choose to work with our team, be sure to have a professional designer work on the banner. Designers can help you stand out among the more general competition and keep your branding in mind.
Plan ahead. As soon as you know what the location looks like, start to map out how you want your display to look. For smaller spaces, you may only need a banner and a few signs. For a bigger space, you may want to invest in other types of signage. Making the most use out of your space is a surefire way to make an impact on passersby.



Trade Show Displays

Have a trade show coming up and wish you could pick up your storefront and bring it with you? Our Trade Show Displays can help make the audience feel like they are in your retail space with you while being engineered for durability and easy use.

With experience creating trade show booths, we can help beginners and veterans alike navigate our long list of options to make the biggest impact. Even more importantly than what does have an impact, we understand what does not work for trade shows. We use that knowledge to help avoid blunders for your first or twentieth trade show experience.

Trade Show Displays Do’s and Don’ts

Do create visually appealing displays and an overall trade show booth design.
Do keep your area open and inviting. Any visual or physical blockage can cause you to lose out on potential connections.
Do develop a clear and concise message to convey.

Being eye-catching is more than having an interesting design; it’s making sure you are seen.

Being able to come and go easily will make people more opt to drop by.

Choose your best work and bring people in.

Don’t rely solely on your display.

Banners and Flags

We offer complete customization in our products.




Printed Graphics and Decals

Want to stick with your target audience? Try handing them a free printed decal. For a budget friendly cost, your customers can do some of your marketing and branding for you. Often, people will take something that is free and use it simply because they did not have to pay for it. In return, your brand will benefit from being displayed to a broader audience than traditional marketing can reach.

Our Printed Graphics and Decals make it easy to put your brand information in one attractive design that is easy to disburse to potential customers and networking connections. Even better, you can leave a lasting impression by giving them something for free.

We offer more than just decals. Our company also works with clients to create attractive handouts and stickers for trade shows, and labels to easily keep track of bigger ticket items in an expanding business such as laptops, monitors, and computers.

How Printed Graphics and Decals Help Marketing

Word-of-Mouth. When a client or potential client takes your sticker and uses it, they are essentially helping you with word-of-mouth marketing without speaking. A friend who sees the sticker may think of you when they need one of your products or services even without the friend mentioning your company in conversation.
Identity development. Promotional stickers put your brand in its simplest and most cohesive form, leaving a concise message in viewers’ minds. They help develop an idea of your brand and company before the audience even sees a website or storefront. This can help reinforce other marketing efforts, such as advertisements, websites, business cards, and so on.
Old school social media. Stickers and decals are often referred to the first form of social media. They allow users to post, pin, tag, and start conversations in the physical form, taking your social media efforts into the real world. They do the same job of creating low-cost exposure as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but with the added benefits of real world marketing.


Graphic Design

do you need a brand refresh?

Our team understands how to balance colors with brand messages to find the best solutions. Whether you need a brand-new logo or are looking to tweak colors, fonts, and sizes, we can help create your vision. We help from conception to finished product to ensure you get the best signage solution with the best graphics and branding possible.

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