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What are Channel Letters?

The Channel Letter signs are three-dimensional extruded signs (3D) that are well-known for “signage for business advertising” to make a profitable investment. The Channel Letter signs are custom-designed as per specifications, channel letter signs are indusial alphabetical letters of stylist fonts and come in many different categories such as non-Lit-up Channel letters, Front Lit-up, back Lit-up, etc. These channel Letter signs really stand out from the rest. The lit-up signs grab attention.

At Sign Guru USA, we have our design team who can help you with many options of design and colors, etc. Feel free to contact us for more details.

front-lit Channel letters sign
front-lit Channel letters sign
Front-lit Channel letters sign
Backlit led channel letter sign

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How Channel Letter Signs are made?

LED Channel Letter or Non-LED Channel Letter signs are the most common signs in the commercial industry for a long time. Originally used to be made with neon lights inside but now the neon is being replaced with LED lights. This is not only saving on the cost of the manufacturing but also has less maintenance, high brightness, long life, no worries about the lights breaking during shipments, etc..

We Sign Guru USA, design and manufacture channel letters sign. The body of these signs is made from aluminum and has vinyl facing on acrylic so that the light (LED) emitted from the front projects the color of their facing. Illuminated or non-illuminated channel letters can be used for outdoor or indoor business signs as primary signage. 

These LED signs are generally used on the flat surface or on inclined walls/Roof or on the vertical wall which is very flexible to attract customers. 

We Sign Guru USA, have professional design engineers who can help you with the desired sign. Contact us for more information.

channel letters signs Atlanta

Front illuminating sign

Sign Guru USA  is Atlanta’s well-known Channel Letter sign company. Our Channel Letters signs are the best in the industry with cost-effective and the highest quality.

We are happy to announce the  serving business signage needs in Atlanta,

Channel Letters are a must-have for all small businesses that can glorify the shop.

front lit channel letters

Front lit led sign trinos tire

The Front Lit Channel Letter or Face Lit-up sign are classic designed signs which illuminates from the front. Face Lit up signs can be the same as channel letter sign. These signs are custom designed as per requirement.

Back lit channel letters

sign over view 9

The Back Lit Channel Letter or Reverse Lit-up Channel letter signs are designed which illuminates from the Back or behind the sign. Back Lit up signs can be the same as  other channel letter sign. These signs are custom-made as per requirement.