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Vinyl Signs

What are Vinyl Signs?

The Vinyl is an Adhesive Sticker type of Label, which are cut from colored vinyl rolls or printed digitally, ready for easy application.

By simply removing a protected layer or peel off a layer from the back, the adhesive part at back will stick to the surface, vinyl or sicker or label can be anything: Bumper Stickers, Real-estate Signs, Safety Signs, Vehicles, Guidelines, Covid Safety Sign, Exhibition Panels and Shop Window. Vinyl stickers are waterproof and will last for years.

Vinyl Sign
Vinyl Sign

What is Vinyl lettering?

Channel Letter signs are three-dimensional. Channel Letters are made from acrylic. SignGuruUSA  uses colored vinyl to tint them.

LED lights have replaced neon tubes because they are more energy-efficient.

Channel Letter signs really stand out from the rest. The illuminated signs grab people’s attention.

So, hurry up and Request a Quote to grab customer’s attention

custom vinyl signs across usa & canada

Illuminated channel letters are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and have vinyl facing so light permeates their surface and projects the colour of their facing. Illuminated letters can be used to complement other types of outdoor business signs, like a company logo, or stand alone as a storefront’s primary signage. They can also be used inside, though they are more commonly used on the exterior of buildings to attract customers.

Vinyl sign
Vinyl Sign

custom vinyl printing across usa & canada

Illuminated channel letters are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and have vinyl facing so light permeates their surface and projects the colour of their facing. Illuminated letters can be used to complement other types of outdoor business signs, like a company logo, or stand alone as a storefront’s primary signage. They can also be used inside, though they are more commonly used on the exterior of buildings to attract customers.

custom vinyl banners printing across usa & canada

Illuminated channel letters are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and have vinyl facing so light permeates their surface and projects the colour of their facing. Illuminated letters can be used to complement other types of outdoor business signs, like a company logo, or stand alone as a storefront’s primary signage. They can also be used inside, though they are more commonly used on the exterior of buildings to attract customers.

Vinyl Sign
Vinyl sign

custom Vinyl Signs & banners in atlanta

Illuminated channel letters are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and have vinyl facing so light permeates their surface and projects the colour of their facing. Illuminated letters can be used to complement other types of outdoor business signs, like a company logo, or stand alone as a storefront’s primary signage. They can also be used inside, though they are more commonly used on the exterior of buildings to attract customers.

vinyl sign company

Illuminated channel letters are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and have vinyl facing so light permeates their surface and projects the colour of their facing. Illuminated letters can be used to complement other types of outdoor business signs, like a company logo, or stand alone as a storefront’s primary signage. They can also be used inside, though they are more commonly used on the exterior of buildings to attract customers.

Vinyl Sign

Benefits of Custom vinyl signs

Custom vinyl signs are flexible, vinyl-made signs that are printed with a custom label, logo, message or image in order to serve a purpose. Using these signs can serve several different purposes, and they are one of the most popular types of advertising available today. But why? The answer to this question may be very important for you to understand if you have considered using custom vinyl signs for any purpose in your life. The benefits of using these signs include their versatility, their relatively cheap cost, and the degree to which you can customize them.


The versatility of custom vinyl signs could be almost limitless if the right thought is put to it. People use vinyl signs like this for indoor and outdoor use and for dozens of purposes. School projects, sports team identification, charitable event advertising, marketing advertising, special events like birthday parties and anniversaries. Other uses include identification for parade floats, sales and deal advertising at department stores, and much more depending on what you are willing to use them for. Their ability to be used both indoors and outdoors makes them extremely versatile, so the options really don’t have limits.


The relatively cheap cost of printing custom vinyl signs is another huge benefit to using them. Not only are they versatile, but signs such as these with free customization, free shipping, and extremely cheap size prices can save you tons of money in your advertising budget and total in the long run. Vinyl signs used at special occasions can being an element of décor as well as advertising what the event is all about, while those used for school projects seldom cost more than a hand-drawn sign would. Many businesses charge for custom vinyl signs by the square footage, while others charge by the pre-cut sizes they offer at that particular establishment, but wherever you end up your signs are sure to be a huge bargain compared to billboards, structured signs such as neon and wooden signs, and radio advertising.

Custom Limitless

Customizing your custom vinyl signs can be the best benefit of all as to using them for your needs. Depending on where you order the signs from, most places offer free and unlimited customizing tools when you are designing and ordering your signs. Internet stores are especially good for free customizing. And your options for the actual design process are almost limitless as well. You can design the layout of the sign, including what picture, logo, design, drawing or image you want on it and where it’s placed, as well as the font style and size, what you want it to say and where that will be placed, and much more. The color scheme of your signs is completely up to you too.

About Custom Plastic Signs

Custom plastic signs are signs that are made from a thick piece of plastic with a message, logo, image, or symbol printed on them according to what the person buying it wants. Plastic signs are very popular advertising and promotional materials for dozens of different venues, and for good reason. There are many things to consider about the different aspects of custom plastic signs before you decide to invest in them, including their different uses, their durability and the cost of ordering and buying such signs. These are aspects that you would need to know about all types of signs you may be considering as well.


The uses for plastic signs are somewhat limited by their durability and stereotypes about what they should be used for. Some common examples of custom plastic signs are those you see in the lawns of concerned voters around election times declaring their support for this or that candidate. Other examples include the advertisements of local test farmers using different types of fertilizers or pesticides on their crops for the year, or smaller advertisements for local restaurants or organizations like farmer’s markets or Red Cross blood drives. Though they are usually smaller and found in the ground with metal stakes, there are many other uses for plastic signs, providing you have the imagination to use them in creative ways.


Plastic signs aren’t as durable as either vinyl or aluminum ones, though they can hold their ground for some time. The key to plastic signs is that they be coated with plastic as well, keeping them waterproof. Most custom plastic signs for political parties/politicians or farming testers can withstand, at the very least, the season for which they are meant. Winter is usually the biggest bane to the plastic sign, deteriorating their quality and life span over this harshest season. This of course depends on the climate in your area, but is as a general rule true.


The good news about custom plastic signs is that they are generally much cheaper than more sturdy types of signs like aluminum and metal signs. In comparison to other types of signs, plastic ones generally rank closely to vinyl signs and banners in cost. Depending on where you go to order your signs, you may or may not have to pay for customizing the signs or the shipping costs for them, though some businesses still charge per customization tool used and per sign for shipping. Another way to look at cost, however, is that if you are considering advertising for more than one season of the year or in any lasting way, custom plastic signs may make up for the lost cost by requiring to be replaced more often than other types of signs.

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Signs

Custom aluminum signs are similar to those found on the sides of highways with warnings like “Bridge freezes with water” or “speed zone ahead.” There are many more uses for aluminum signs, however, and many people are turning to them for maintenance, control and even advertising purposes. There are many things to consider about using custom aluminum signs for your purpose, whatever it may be, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. These benefits include the signs’ versatility, durability and cost, all of which give them an edge over competing types of signs.


The number of different uses for custom aluminum signs is in itself one of the major benefits of using them. Many business owners, for instance, use aluminum signs simultaneously as their main business sign, signs for handicapped parking spaces, signs warning against loitering, and signs pointing toward the right entrance for this or that area of the building. Schools use these signs to warn visitors about check-in procedures and deaf-child warnings for playground areas, and private property owners may opt for aluminum rather than paper or cardboard signs stating that no trespassing will be tolerated on the property. These and dozens of other uses make aluminum signs extremely versatile.


Along with their versatility, another great benefit of using custom aluminum signs for your purposes is their great lasting ability and durability. Unlike paper, vinyl, cardboard or even wooden signs, aluminum signs are known to last much longer than the average sign – one of the reasons highway departments use them. Aluminum signs are lightweight, making them easy to maneuver, but still just as durable as any sign. Because of this, people who use aluminum signs don’t have to replace them near as often as they would with the alternatives, saving time, money and hassle in the long run.


When it comes to cost, there are a few ways to look at the price of using custom aluminum signs. First of all, the price for the signs themselves is moderate compared to other forms of signs like large backlit signs, neon signs of size and other very heavy signs. Aluminum signs aren’t as cheap as, say, vinyl signs and banners, but they are much cheaper than the heavier sign types listed above. Another way to look at the cost of aluminum signs is that of replacement costs. Vinyl signs are very cheap, but the elements, weather and everyday wear and tear on the signs can make replacing them often necessary to keep them in top advertising shape. Aluminum signs, because of their durability, don’t have to be replaced nearly as often as vinyl or plastic signs, making custom aluminum signs perfect for the person or business that needs reliable, long-lasting and cheap advertising.

The Basics of Custom Vinyl Graphics

If you have been thinking of sprucing up the windows or metal of your vehicle, you may have heard the phrase “custom vinyl graphics” being thrown around on more than one occasion as you begin to decide what to use. Though it may be a vague idea, using custom vinyl graphics can actually be a great thing to decide on in the way of detailing and decorating things that are important to you. There are several things you’ll want to understand about them, of course, including what exactly they are, how much they generally cost, and your options for using them.

What Are They

Vinyl graphics are different images, patterns, designs, logos, drawings, or shapes that are made and cut out from vinyl. These designs are then placed and stuck to the glass or metal of something, usually a vehicle, to decorate and bring character to the piece. Custom vinyl graphics, then, are designs and graphics from vinyl that are specifically designed for the person using them so that they are unique and one-of-a-kind in their shapes. Vinyl graphics can come in all colors, shapes, and even all sizes, though it is usually suggested that larger graphics be placed by professionals as they can cause trouble with bubbles and wrinkles in the material, especially with larger decals.


The cost of custom vinyl graphics has no standard answer whatsoever. The cost is generally more expensive than regular graphics because of the custom aspect of it – custom made designs are always more expensive than pre-cut ones. The cost for these graphics also depends greatly on how large or small the design is. If your graphics covers the entire hood of your car or truck, for instance, it will be much more expensive than if it should cover a small portion of the back window, and so on. Installation also takes a toll on the price tag. The larger the decal the more it will be necessary that a professional install it, which will again up the price for labor. For the best results, calling around and doing price checks can help a lot with the cost.


Your options with decals and custom vinyl graphics are almost limitless, and the advances the industry has made in terms of the sticking power, unique designs and different designs have made it easier than ever to get exactly what you want for your car or truck. Some people, for instance, opt for full-vehicle designs like camouflage, bullet holes or even a forest scene. Others choose a small decal that represents something important to them, like their child’s sports team, their university, or their family in general. In a basic sense, anything that can be dreamed up can be created with custom vinyl graphics.

How to Order a Custom Vinyl Banner Online

A custom vinyl banner may be a new entity to you, or you may have been considering whether to use them for some time now. Either way, chances are you’re very new to the whole idea of ordering a custom vinyl banner online, and you may need some guidance as to how the whole process works and how to go about it. The good news is that it is a relatively easy process, and you can have your vinyl banner or banners ordered soon with little hassle and even less money. The trick is to know how it goes.

Finding a Place

The first thing to do when ordering a custom vinyl banner is to shop around for a place to order from. Online there are dozens of printing businesses waiting for your business. However, there are dozens more that are fake and looking to steal what they can from you. Always check first of all to make sure the site you’re interested in is secure, meaning they will not give away, sell or allow anyone to steal your personal and payment information. A guarantee of this of some kind and the symbol of a padlock on the website may help ease your mind as well. After you find secure options, choose whichever one gives you the most for your money. Finding an online business to give you free shipping, customizing and very cheap size prices, for example, is probably worth your trouble.


The next step is customizing your custom vinyl banner online. This is probably the most enjoyable step for you. Most websites will allow you to view your progress and exactly what the banner will look like finished as you go along, making it easier for you to get exactly what you want from the process. You can customize anything, like the color of the background, font and trim, the placement of the font, and image, style of font, and more. Look for an option to save the template you make at the end of this step to make it easier to re-create if need be later.


The last step is to finalize your order. This is your opportunity to look over your entire order and a breakdown of the cost of your order before you finalize and submit it. It’s extremely important here that you look over everything carefully and bail if something doesn’t seem right about the price or the way it looks. Once you’re satisfied, make sure you enter your payment and shipping information carefully to make sure it comes to who it needs to, and that’s it! Your custom vinyl banner will be on its way to your doorstep in no time at all.

Tips and Tricks to Getting Custom Made Signs

There are many different forms of advertising and promotional materials that small businesses, organizations, groups, teams, and schools use for different purposes, but perhaps none are so effective and most widely used as custom made signs. If you have been considering whether to invest in some of these custom made signs for your purpose of choice, we have some tips and tricks of the trade to offer you that will help you along in the process. These include shopping online, saving cash, and customizing everything to your liking.

Go Online

Though there are many dozens of reputable printing shops and stores across America, the truth is that in today’s fast-paced time and tech-savvy marketing and advertising groups, shopping and ordering your custom made signs online is much easier, more convenient and less hassle than it can be to order and pick up your signs in-store. To find a reputable company online, look for assurances and guarantees that the site is secure so that no one takes your personal and payment information and uses it for bad. It’s also a good idea to judge which business you choose by how fast you’ll get your order, how many customization tools are available, and whether you’ll be paying extra for things like shipping, customizing tools and odd sign sizes.

Save Cash

The best way to go about ordering custom made signs is to look for ways to save money in your order. Finding free shipping, for instance, is a good way to save a lot of money on an order that shouldn’t be so much to ship anyway. Another great way to look and save money is to find a business without extra charges for customizing tools. If you have a specific design for your signs in mind, you’ll be sorely disappointed to find out that every change from standard black block lettering will be charged to your overall order bill, so finding a cheaper alternative in a business that doesn’t charge for these things can help save a lot of money in the long run, particularly if you plan on repeating this process more than once.

Customize Everything

The greatest thing about going online to order your custom made signs is the freedom you get in customizing your signs. You can customize the colors you use – for the background, font, photo, image, logo or drawing, even the trim of the letters. You can also customize the design, style and placement of things like the font, words, and image of choice. The best way to go about ordering these signs is to take advantage of everything you can by going the distance creatively with the design for your custom made signs.

Vinyl Graphic Lettering
We can help you by supplying vinyl graphics -sticky-back-plastic-lettering- to display these details.

The lettering comes to you pre-spaced and with fitting instructions, so it is quick and easy to apply with a little care for long lasting results.

Alternatively, we can supply a vinyl ‘stencil’ to enable you to accurately paint on the registration marks if you prefer.

Our vinyl-cut glider and any vehicle signage can be applied to most smooth surfaces – and it’s very easy to do!

Close up of some vinyl letteringWe can also supply you with your BGA Identity Numbers and your engraved fireproof Identification Plate.

Welcome to our Website

Are you looking for striking vehicle graphics in Nottingham, to make you or your company stand out from the crowd? Designs in Vinyl is Nottingham’s biggest little sign shop, demonstrating expertise in the manufacture of signs, graphics and embroidery. A sign of no business is a business with no signs, so call today for a fresh approach to graphic design.

Banners in Nottingham

Get in touch with the leading sign shop in Nottingham – Designs in Vinyl has the expertise and experience to meet and exceed your expectations. We are a family run business, offering high quality craftsmanship using only the best quality materials, coupled with a friendly and personal level of service. We are known for our quick turnaround times. We will match any genuine quote or try to beat the price where possible.

Vehicle Graphics in Nottingham

For vehicle graphics in Nottingham, or wherever you are throughout the wider local area, don’t settle for second best with your graphic requirements. Designs in Vinyl can provide signs for any type of business, as well as embroidery and printing services to leave you completely satisfied. We are a limited company with a strong regional reputation for excellence.

Welcome to Magnetic Vinyl Signs.

Magnetic Vinyl Signs is a producer of Top Quality Custom Adhesive Signs & Magnetics for your property, business, home, cars, trucks, vans, and fleet vehicles.

We offer wholesale pricing, quantity discounts and quick professional service to the general public. Our full color, high quality, customizable signs and magnetics will give your business and fleet vehicles a removable alternative to permanent branding. We use only top quality American made materials for our signs & magnetics assuring that you get the most for your money.

Our attention grabbing indoor/outdoor vinyl signs are ideal for window promotions, sales, building identification, contractor sites, directions, conventions, real estate, cars and trucks. Our high performance custom magnetic signs are durable and weatherproof, mounted on Magnum Magnetics 30mil magnets and are rated to last 5 years or more.

If you do not find the sign product you are interested in listed within our website, please call 877-260-7446 to speak to us regarding your specific needs. You may also contact us via the contact form located in the top menu bar with the details of your layout and sign design concept. At Magnetic Vinyl Signs we take your business seriously. We offer the most attractive, highest quality sign products combined with the hassle-free ease of online shopping to bring you the best tool available for your signage needs

Here at Vinylla Designs we create and produce fun and interesting vinyl decals, also called wall art or wall tattoos for walls, cars, windows and just about any smooth hard surface. Personally made with lots of care and attention you can choose to personalize any suitable surface in just a few easy steps! Decorating your home or office with a vinyl wall decal is an imaginative way to spruce up any living space, adding color and flair with one of the hottest looks in home decorating.

The best thing about decorating your home with vinyl wall decals is that you can choose exactly what you want on the walls. Imagine creating a custom memory wall, customizing your electronic gadgets, organizing your pantry or office, custom names on doors and walls, reading an inspirational quote whilst looking out your sliding door or window, creating your very own family tree, putting your wedding vows on your bedroom wall or your grandmother’s favorite saying in the kitchen.

You can place a vinyl decal on just about any smooth hard surface and your imagination is the limit. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild!

Feel free to browse through our products or get in touch with us for a custom design tailor-made to your specifications!

Custom Vinyl Signs

There is more to custom vinyl signs than just banners. There are signs created specifically for different needs. These include signs for vehicles, walls, and windows.

Did you know your vehicle can be a moving billboard? Printing companies can make custom vinyl signs that stick to the sides of cars to advertise your services. Signs can be large enough to fit on the side of an 18 wheeler. If you don’t want an entire sign because you have a small vehicle, you can choose to use just letters. Lettering is just as effective and the spacing shows the color of the car which gives an instant contrasting backdrop.

Do you have a wall or side of a building where you want to advertise? Custom Vinyl signs can be made to attach to the side of a wall even if it is concrete or mortar. You can choose one large sign or multiple coordinated signs based on the space available for your use. These signs are also great for fences like the chain link kinds that frame football or baseball fields.

Does your window look a little bare? Decorate and advertise with custom vinyl signs. You can choose to write a message or create interchangeable photos in response to the season. Window graphics can be a great way to get attention from passersby.

A banner is a great way to advertise. Don’t limit yourself to just banners. Check out some other custom vinyl signs.

Vinyl Signs Chicago – Signs-N-Stripes

Sign-n-Stripes, Inc. – Vinyl Signs Chicago is an established manufacturer and installer of vehicle graphics, fleet lettering, window graphics, decals, posters and signage. We house a commercial signage and fleet graphics facility, and also have recently expanded our capabilities to include grand-format digitally printed banners and displays.

Custom Window Sign Print PhotoWe are centrally located in the Chicagoland (Posen) area, just 30 minutes south of downtown Chicago, while servicing the needs of customers nationwide. We can incorporate your designs, logos and advertising materials into eye-catching car graphics, window graphics, fleet graphics, signage, posters and banners promoting your most current special events or marketing message.

Our commercial sign department excels in the areas of sign creation. We specialize in digital signage and outdoor signage, as well as custom retail signage, exterior signage and commercial signage. We have an experienced staff of installers, capable of professionally placing your message in high profile locations on your building or surrounding landscape. Additionally, we can design and apply appealing graphics for your vehicle or fleet, backed with decades of experience and customer satisfaction.

Utilizing our grand format digital printers, Signs-n-Stripes – Vinyl Signs Chicago can produce crisp full-color banners, floor decals, P.O.P. displays, tradeshow graphics, amazing backlit images, vehicle wraps, and much more. Our high resolution printers can produce spectacular full-color posters and signage up to 60” wide by any length.

Custom Van Decal Print PhotoYou can expect the highest quality pressure sensitive decals when you order from Signs-n-Stripes. We produce decals for many industries on a nationwide scale. Please give us a call for more information pertaining to any of our sign manufacturing and installing services.

If you are interested in High Quality Graphics delivered without hassle, please allow us the opportunity to introduce you to our capabilities. We hope you will be impressed with our friendly and informative sales staff, who will do their best to answer your questions in a timely manner and provide you with consistent service. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you on any upcoming projects you feel we may be able to assist you with.

Vinyl lettering

We offer three grades of vinyl, for vinyl signs and vinyl lettering. A premium vinyl, which will give you eight plus years inall weather conditions (that is longer than most paint will last). Another vinyl, which is rated at five plus years in all weather conditions, and one other less expensive vinyl for temporary signage applications.

You can have any True Type Font made into vinyl lettering with an endless array of colors.
Vinyl Lettering vs. Paint
Unlike paint, vinyl lettering is sharp, crisp, and durable. Vinyl lettering goes on easily and more importantly, is easily removed should the need arise. You can’t do that with paint!
Backlighting the vinyl letter or vinyl graphics can be extremely effective if you want your signage to be seen at night.
For The Office
Picture your company name on the door as you arrive to work. Help yourself or employees do a better job with a vinyl sign or lettering on a door, file cabinet, shelf, nameplate, washroom, lounge, or breakroom. Wherever you need to point the way!

Vehicle Lettering

If it is on wheels, tracks, skids, rails, water, or air, we’ll put vinyl lettering on it! You pick the style, color, and size of your vinly lettering and let us do the rest.
We offer vinyl lettering in many different styles: Inlines, outlines, contours, shadows, or regular, we will fit your needs.
Using vinyl lettering, we can reproduce lettering, numbers, graphics, and logos.
Need reflective safety tape? WE DO THAT!
One of our happy customers!Putting signage on your vehicle is the most inexpensive way to advertise, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get maximum exposure at an affordable price, and most importantly vinyl lettering is removable should the need arise!
So if it is for business or pleasure, we’ll work for you, and we will do it right.

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