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Create The Best Signage With Back Lit Channel Letters

Signage is the best way of defining your workplace. Different people use different types of signage letters for their business advertisements. Some use simple channel letters, and some use lit channel letters. Nowadays, there are two main lit channel letters. One is front lit channel letters, and the other is Back Lit Channel Letters.

So, in this article, we will cover a single thing about Back Lit Channel Letters and why backlit signage are so famous for business advertisements. So, stay tight, and let’s get straight into the article.

Back Lit Channel Letters

The opposite of the front-lit sign letters are back-lit channel signs, often referred to as Back Lit Signs or counteract channel letters. These letters lack a clear front side in favor of an exposed rear that is set back from either surface. Each sign appears to be encircled by a “halo” of light as soon as the bright light starts to transmit. The light then bounces off the wall and creates the superimposed image. 

Back Lit Signs provide give signs depth and an additional classical aspect. Of course, it is crucial to use the appropriate backing material for the most remarkable results.

This striking lighting feature illuminates your name or brand. The lettering is made of welded stainless steel and is offered in shiny or brushed finishes. Lettering comes in a range of metallic, electroplated colors and can be ordered with or without a background.

Alternatively, you can create your letters in any Matching shade. You may thoroughly outline your symbols in the lighting color of your choice because the LED modules span the length of the letter.

Benefits Of Back Lit Channel Letters

Following are the benefits of Back Lit Signage that make them capable of displaying your ads through them.

1. Various Mounting Methods:

Because of their numerous installation possibilities, you may also choose a mounting choice for Back Lit Channel Letters that work for your company. The letters are firmly attached to the signage or supporting surfaces when flush-mounted. In raceway installation, the letters are attached to a metal rectangle that may house wires and other sign-related elements.

A raceway setup enables you to drill fewer bolts into the structure itself if you’re mounting the back-lit channel signs directly to it. Your sign specialist can assist you in identifying the ideal mounting solution for your needs.

2. Valuable:

Our Back Lit Signs offer energy-efficient and contribute to low energy expenses for Backlit Signage because they use LED lamps.

Our LED signs are maintenance-free and built to resist the elements of the outdoors.

3. Pattern For Installing Full-Size Signs:

The drill holes for each bolt and the power hole are all shown on the sign installation design included in the package. Before beginning installation, it is very simple to align and plumb your sign using the template.