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Advertise Your Brand’s Name with Our Cabinet Sign

Are you looking for a great way to advertise your brand’s name? Do you want something new that presents your brand’s advertisement and catches people’s attention? Are you looking for an alternative to a billboard that costs very low? Don’t worry! I’ll suggest you the best solution. Try using our Cabinet Sign.

Cabinet Signs are typically made from extruded aluminum parts that are welded with each other to create a sturdy structure for impact- or polycarbonate-resistant acrylic panel displays. Although several Cabinet Signs remain rectangular, almost any shape is possible, providing business owners the freedom to personalize their advertising to draw in clients ultimately. Commercial landlords value Cabinet Signs’ adaptability because it allows them to change a sign’s face for a prospective lease without replacing the whole thing.


Cabinet Signs

The Cabinet Signage and box signs become a valuable method to use a sizable copy surface and gorgeous images. The framework of the Cabinet Signage may be luminous, and the type may be either opaque or translucent and illuminated (non-lighted). Strong and long-lasting Cabinet Signage is ideal for showcasing your company at night and giving it a fresh look.

Internally lit signs, Cabinet Signs, wall signage, or box signage are frequently mounted to business walls. However, they can also stand alone as a statue or pole flag. Cabinet Signs are renowned for their robustness and adaptability, giving companies visibility during the day and night.

When thin types or images make installing channel letters difficult, Cabinet Signs are another viable choice. They might also be used as an extra sign through the road or parking garage for even more visibility.

Benefits of Cabinet Sign

Following are the benefits of Cabinet Signs for business advertisements that make them successful.

Lighting Cabinet Sign Panel:

Our distinctive printing method produces sign-face graphics that are incredibly robust and fade-proof. Due to how we print, our face colors are vivid and dazzling at night.

Our comprehensive printed panels have a transparent, scratch- and UV-resistant layer. For the faces of our signs, we employ Polycarbonate Plastics (bulletproof glass) to reduce the possibility of damage during transportation and implementation.

Cabinet Sign Faces Construction:

They were built exclusively of aluminum that resists rust for longevity. Completely resistant to the elements for several years of outdoor use. A UL mark and a construction inspection will be on the sign.

During manufacture, we additionally do a 32-point manufacturing quality examination. Compared to our Lit Shaped Signage or channel lettering, cabinets are constructed of thicker metal.

Easily Mount Cabling:

Our Illuminated Cabinet Signage requires only an essential wire link for electricity.

This is equivalent to mounting any light bulb. All the components that light the LEDs are already present for a quick and straightforward installation.