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Glow The Exterior of Your Store/Restaurant with Front Lit Channel Letters

Have you started your restaurant or store recently? Do you require new signage that represents your store or restaurant’s name? Do you want that signage to catch everyone’s attention at long distances? Don’t worry! I have the best solution for all your questions. Use Front Lit Channel Letters.

Signage is crucial thing for every new store or restaurant. Different types of signage letters are introduced. But if you want to enlighten the exterior of your new store or restaurant, then Front Lit Signs are best for you. They will spread the Lit Signage over long distances, catching more buyers and customers. When more and more buyers come, it will increase the sales of your business. So, all credit goes to Front/ Face Lit Signage.

Front Lit Channel Letters

Channel letters with inner lighting that can be seen outside the display are known as Front Lit Channel Letters. An aluminum composite paneling (ACP) is a sturdy material used for the backing and sides of front-lit channel signs. A translucent acrylic substance covers its front outer layer, allowing the source of light inside to radiate forth.  

Even though many vinyl coverings only permit only about 1% of light penetration from either the letter’s internal source of light, color selection is crucial for front-lit channel letters. Customized overlays are frequently offered to produce particular tints or colors.  

 The dual film is a different popular choice for many enterprises. 


Benefits of Our Front Lit Channel Letters

Following are the benefits of front Lit Signage that make them capable of displaying your ads through them.

High Lit LEDs:

Highly exclusive LEDs are installed in Front Lit Signs. These LEDs are 12V and 100% weather-resistant. They will bear them easily if high rain, storm, or intense sunlight falls on them. Thus, your Lit Signage will remain the same. These LEDs also support the Sun Control feature. It automatically helps the LEDs turn on at night and turn off in daylight. 

Retaining Trim and Lit signage:

We produce Face Lit Signage graphics with a high degree of fade resistance using a particular printing method. Due to our unique inks and printing technique, our face colors are brilliant and lively at night. All of our full-color printed plates have a transparent layer that is scratch- and UV-resistant. 


We use specialized high-impact acrylics to reduce the possibility of damage during delivery and setup. According to acrylic size restrictions, we employ polycarbonate on large Front Lit Signs Designs. Face Trimming is a plastic extrusion with an aluminum core available in various hues and metallic finishes. 

Clip For Hanging Front Lit Signs

Mounting clips made of aluminum are straightforward to install. All that is needed is a suitable attachment for your wall surface.

The color of the sign’s side matches the paint on the hooks. If installed differently, it can be removed by disassembling it from the rear of the sign.